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Photo: Christophe Chaumanet


Best Newcomer – Dublin Burlesque Festival 2014

 Jury’s Prize – Wunder Awards 2014 – Paris, France

A huge bravo! Burlesque finds in [Kirby Marzelle] a strong signature, beautiful emotion and a modern and glamorous femininity. - Pierre C. Bousquet, NYLON-MODE.com

Kirby Marzelle is a pluridisciplinary performer hailing from California and currently residing in Paris, France. Her diverse background in musical theatre and dance allow her to create a body of work that’s highly original and eclectic, making her one of the most versatile and sought-after performers in Paris and abroad. She is one of the first in the country to own and perform with the “Lollipop Lyra” a marriage of two powerful disciplines – aerial hoop & pole dance – creating a unique and visually stunning experience.

For 10+ years she has had the honor of working with some of the most well-known and respected artists in the business, including James Santos (Cirque du Soleil and Le Rêve, USA) Bart&Baker (FR) and performed in some of the most recognisable venues in the world, including La Machine du Moulin Rouge and Maxim’s de Paris.

In Nov. of 2016 Kirby mounted her first burlesque show as a organizer, The Tasseled Tiki Burlesque Show at Le Tiki Lounge, Paris.

In early 2017 Kirby and her twisted sister Martin Dust co-founded La Compagnie Canaille, a multi-platform theatre company proposing shows, events and performances without limit.

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Artist Statement

As an artist wishing to celebrate, provoke, examine and elevate the many facets of femininity I combine performance art, physical comedy, song, and dance to create a unique blend of provocative and imaginative characters rich in emotion and fantasy.

My goal is to utilize my 10+ years of theatrical and physical training and performance experience to create a body of work that is compelling, diverse, relevent and always topped with an element of surprise! I am particularly interested in playing with the emotionally and physically transformative aspect of burlesque, and the ways in which the element of “tease” affects the storyline, the character itself as well as the dynamic between the character and the audience.


Since discovering the art of dance as a child it has been my belief that there is no greater outlet for expressing truth onstage than through physical movement. There is something so deeply fundamental and pure in the way we communicate with our bodies. Words can be false or misunderstood, but a physical gesture is ancient and universal. Our physicalities transcend time, place, culture and prejudice; they play an integral role in what unites us as creatures of the world.

After obtaining my Theatre Arts degree in 2009, I worked professionally as an actor and burlesque performer in Los Angeles and Chicago until love called me to Paris in 2012.


I am primarily inspired by the early years of burlesque, when satire, parody and comedy were the driving force behind the “feminine spectacle” movement in Europe and the US in the late 1800s. For the first time in theatre history women were not only featured as the central focus of the show, but their bodies, how they expressed themselves physically as well as verbally, became the active propellant onstage.  In a world where women are grossly underrepresented in almost every social and cultural category (including the arts!) I am proud to participate in an art form where women (or anyone, for that matter) are not only encouraged to express themselves creatively, but to do so such in a way that celebrates the very element which makes them uniquely female, their femininity.