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Classic burlesque

A tribute to a legend of all things pin-up, 1950s Americana and erotica, Saint Bettie is a playful yet poignant take on the fascinating and complicated life of iconic American model Bettie Page.

Music: “Show Down” (Tony March) + “Night Walk” (Dick D’Agostin)
Duration: 4:51
Props: N/A

Photos: Kalymar, Yom Sothoth, Bob Zombie, La Fille a Cote, Jean-Pierre Fouss, Gwen Chopineau, Ramon Bpnyc

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Equiped with her own, easily-transportable bed of over 400 (very real!) nails, Kirby is prepared to adapt or customize a routine of dazzling, death-defying stunts suitable to any theme that will amaze and stupefy your guests!

Photos: DV Photographies, Francis Beddok, La Fille a Cote, Emmanuel Vaney, Didier Bonin, Putch Mike Thebike, Herve Photograff

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Hang on to your hats and guard those loins – this rock n’ roll roller coaster is designed to inspire your worst nightmare and your hottest fantasy!

Perfomed to: “Enter Sandman” by Metallica
Duration: 4:32
Props: bed of nails

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Photos: Photos: Dominique Vichot, Christian Terra Toma, Kalymar, Emmanuel Vaney, Francis Beddok, Joust Photography

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Classic Burlesque

A true 1960s bump n’ grind titty shaker – ’nuff said!

Performed to: Stalkin’ by Duane Eddy and Swingin’ Drums by Ronnie Kay
Duration: 2 mins 34 secs
Props: none

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Photos: Fabrice Crénel, Monsieur G, Emmanuel Vaney, Stecor fotografie, Stefania Marchi, Anna Volpi, Kalymar, Alain Oddou, Ramon Bpnyc, Mathias Oslen, Maria Gossé

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Dublin Burlesque Festival “Best Newcomer” 2014, Wunder Awards “Prix du Jury” 2014


In a dazzling melange of 1920s charm, modern-day gumption and one or two surprises along the way, this enlightened rendition makes the transcendent Flapper icon “live again”… AND HOW!

Performed to: custom mix of “Black Bottom” by Spike Jones and “Drop it Low” by Ester Dean
Duration: approx. 5 mins.
Props: one chair or stool

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Photos: Fabrice Crenel, Kalymar, Andrea Coccato, Gwen Chopineau.

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